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  • Sydney trees.

All of them bow towards north.

This I discovered just by accident.

Have you known it ?

Check trees by yourself.

Tall and  small they lower their figures

in a state of submission

in some type of respective greeting

acknowledging something of a mystery.

  • Restoring and keeping healthy life.

It's never too late, friends,

besides extremely easy and rewarding.

For the complete restoration

6 years are required.

Noticeable improvement appears in days.

Restoring of health includes heavy cancers, interior organs problems,

skin, blood and whatever else.

I've done it, others took my advice.


The only one and simple answer is fruit.

At least once a day prior to meals

take up the routine

of consuming up to a half a kilo of fruit.

Each day enjoy different kind of it.

No regular fruit salad ,neither any juice forms

are advised here.

Nothing, absolutely nothing is able to resist

miraculous effectiveness of fruit

in our human health.

 Good luck ,to you, too!

  • Human population

More and more, people 

grew into uncontrolled numbers.

 This has become an absolute cause of natural degradation on the planet 

and our human misery itself in general.

It's quite obvious that 2 billion of us

would have been a fairly secure limit

for all times and conditions

maintaining environmental balance,

our coexistence with other animals

and more peaceful coexistence

 among ourselves.

Yet, a good news. Nature does it again.

UN statistics have been manipulated.

Modern technology, against all odds

is self - restrained regulating already our

numbers worldwide.

  • Supremacy of food.

We are what we eat.

Think of multitude of human body elements

and their functions.

It's absolutely mind - boggling

when it comes to reflect on cultures, religions, systems and trends

interfering in natural food intakes.

  What's behind that interference in general?

Two factors.

One is male superior domination

over the weaker ones.

Then feminine confusion in times

of its competing with manhood.

When eating, people pose incredibly proud.

Good on them!

Why stopping this?

  • Australia

When asked, where I came from

I give no your framed answers.

I am in Australia, dumps.

  I see kangaroos and hear didgeridoos.

In Australian Sydney I celebrate life. 

  • Dreams

Thanks goodness, nothing of orders

or disorders of any kind

manage to stop us having them.

It's an unique area in human consciousness

protected somehow by Nature from

cultural and religious interference.

Dreams represent vast infinite reality,

that we are part of.

One major orientation in dreams

are our cosmic visits in parallel worlds.

How similar, yet different we find ourselves

being there with known to us people,

places and situations.

All named and dressed up there,

in surprising  us here different manners,

 including our own names and  appearances.

Often, in dreaming, consciousness

is split in existence for varieties

not much connected with each other.

In other times dreams

bring us to see and understand

( to some extend, of course )

purely independent overlook.

One life of the same pattern coming up

in actual billions of its varieties.

If we manage to remember dreams properly

after waking up,

analyzing them can

make our lives here smoother

 and more successful.

  • The life of tension.

Historically developed cultures,

religions, political groupings and systems

across countries, communities and individuals

hold their subjects

in mental and emotional strain.

Visible uneasiness occupies countless people 

creating for them stress and suspense.

So many conditions coming from

above structures force upon people

unbearable hostility towards

 growing freely and openly responding

Supernatural call for truth and love

globally and personally.

Why is it so?

Enigmatic indeed.

  •  Cosmopolitan instead of multicultural.

For the world to function further

and function much closer to

Truth and Love widely,

cosmopolitan outlook

is of the greatest importance.

Human beings represent many

cultures developed locally and historically.

In reality, however,

they ( cultures ) are learnt and foreign attributes to people in opposite

to natural and spiritual ones

fitting them born with and born into.

Modern mixed communities like Australian

certify  it so clearly.

 Nothing is multicultural on this planet per se.

Only cosmopolitan attitudes

bring everyone forward safely and together.

  • Memory

is our second known to us

connection with cosmic reality

of individual consciousness.

It reads somehow a mosaic

of back, out of the past,

 to the recalling now

state of mind, extracts.

Memory is never made ready. 

Not in our brain here,

nor in any form of librarian collection

anywhere in multiverse.

It's possible to compile it on request

in any moment now,

because of its rather dynamic character.

It comes gradually

in substance and clarity.

From above, so to speak

as a stream of ad hock 

interpreted  events from the past life here.

Then with seriously added similar

experiences from dreams.

Dreams, of course,

are from above as well.

Also with elements of imagination,

plans, hidden intended agenda and so on.

Complicated so much  is our memory,

that could not be ever taken too seriously.

  • Female versa male

contest​ has been with us always.

Felt somehow very much by all.

Noticed by a few.

Acted upon somewhat bizarre.

Two naturally formulated genders

are at obvious war.

 The masculine side

remains confident in it.

 Totality of things is with it

and time definitely working for it.

  •  Political parties

by hook or by crook

are operational through out entire world​.

Two sides make those parties presence felt.

One of the closed - door reality.

The other one is official acting upon,

towards the rest of society.

From being self elevating monorails 

 to the groups of moon - faced changeable

political activists, officials with their candidates 

set and promote country's styles of governance .

Presented candidates, that voters have to choose from,

begin their careers.

How is all this going at the present time?

We  know, It's not going well.

There is no election as such anywhere.

What we have, at the most,

is people's participation in groups

rivalry for power.

Intensity of political rivalry

is certified by the outcomes

within political Assemblies.

All happenings there

are taken for granted.

All there is lawfully dogmatic,

yet politically correct.

  • The Supernatural Presence

   Human beingssense Him from

their own two major

natural properties all were born

with and born into.

Those are truth and love

that have been emanated from Him into means 

of relationship with us people

and shared further between us.

The best acclamation towards 

the Supernatural Presence

when it comes to it, appears to be


A sensible factual warning

however, is fundamental here!

Gods and gods

have been stretching out mysteriously for attention.

Being humanoids in appearance

and characteristics their existence

has been "certified and justified"

by their own prophets, witnesses,

holy books or just local fables.

Denied by atheists, dogmatically

followed by multitudes, they

swindled, joked upon and deceived

by the rest.

  • Climate change

mentality appeared suddenly

and hysterically raving worldwide

producing increasingly individual

and social turmoil. 

A type of fast spreading popular

hypnosis turning

natural physical  weather

conditions into an ideology tool

 for undisclosed social purposes 

with uncertain ,even murky outcomes.

Nature of the planet itself is 

taken for granted. 

  • Nature

Multiverse, Universe, Solar System, Earth,

all physical world and life in it

is Nature.

You and I woke up to existence in on:

never detached from it,

somehow unaware or overlooking it.

Families, cultures, religions, politics

have done their extents to remove us from it.

Nature doesn't stop acting, though, restoring and maintaining us.

Enjoying its patterns of life freely provided,

we witness Nature's impressions for us,

on our behalf and ahead of us

personally, locally ,as well as globally.

  • Inner Voice

constitutesone's deeply personal lifelong conversation

in a direct line with the Supernatural Presence

sourcing calls for life's ideals (truth) and their sharing(love).

A per se fourfold dialogue tied up to his/her

sense of responding self.

Inner Voice has been wrongly understood

by many families, cultures, religions, universities

and political systems as only a self - talk,

contributing to one's personal disorders, depression,

anxiety and self-condemnation.

Global revitalizing of the personal Inner Voice is vital.

Its suggested here steps are :

  1. Trusting own Inner Voice as being authentic.

  2. Creating more space for it in daily activities.

  3. Making attempts for its clearer and stronger results.

  4. Being fully oneself and confident when it comes.

  5. Distinguishing truth and love involved yet not isolating them from each other.

  6. Respecting the Supernatural Presence who lifts up one's personal progress.

Let's remember!

Inner Voice is the only spiritual compass in life.

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