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              Welcome Philosophy is a private website designed exclusively by mePitt Elk.
'This and that" indicates promotion of personal and global  aspects  of current modern living.
A greate deal of secular and cosmopolitan outer outlook
and inner spirituality in it invite worldwide visitors 
to participate in a friendly dialogue.
Pages are provided with emails and comments functions 
immediate  focussing on the arising issues .
Views in the website are meant not to be dogmatic,
following instead established patterns
common sense and currently up to date  scientific definitions.
A  firm commitment is given here to all taking part
for their tactful person
al freedom of expression
as well as noticeable efforts of unity in the end.

is my contribution to a wider global exchange
with understanding,promotion and satisfying practical opportunity
for public expressions
 The whole site is free and open for General Community.
Turning any aspects
of the Forum
to limited 
participants is not intended.
Using offensive terms,verbal o
r visual porno contents,
violent messages or abusing settings for 
are not allowed and will be terminated.
To all registered users and visitors;

I say : welcome aboard.
Pitt Elk 
Sydney Australia

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