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  • toddlers two toys

I asked a little boy

why was he looking for another toy in the shop

since his mother categorically

wasn't eager to buy him two.

His answer was:

"I have two hands.

My left and my right hand.

I want two toys."​​

  • it's not red

Delivering pizza at that particular place .

After knocking the door 

I got a little boy coming out first.

Then his smaller sister,dog,

mum and dad as last.

" Greetings form Santa.

This is his present to you all",I claimed.

" No,never,true! ",shouted the boy.

"your bag isn't red!"

  • meet a man,

an extremely happy fellow.

He has a shoe.Just one shoe

he is wearing satisfying his foot.

Do not ask him,

what happened to the other shoe!

He found this one.

A lucky man,or perhaps not,he is.

  • twins

I met a mum with two twin daughters.

"Are you twins?",I asked one girl.

"No,I am taller",she answered.

  • half and half

"Hold it straight​",I instructed a toddler

handing over two pizzas delivery for the family.

" Don't you worry",he declared to me.

" I am a half - Italian ! "

  • no lawn mower Ad online

"Looking for a goat to eat my long grass.

Large fenced yard."

 Merrylands Area.

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