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​AGuided personal self important restoration

in healthy tips.

Are you having any of the below listed scenarios in life?

  •  no one to talk to


  •  at the crossroads


  • with hounting past


  • deadly busy


  • empty


  • without next to come


  • else ?

Restore, then,spiritual/ethical self,now !

The properties you were born with and born into.

in a very personal original programme of self resetting it all.

Welcome !


Points of reference.

At first, restore your own ID,

image,basic personal properties.

Look thoroughly at the own personal factual entropy,

collaborating with Nature.

Your acclamation of the Supernatural Presence,please! A must !

Rediscover and value your inner voice dialogue with Him,

that leads to fomation of the common sense,

ready to be enacted in personal outer ethics.

Welcome, likely,

 to personal refreshing activities in calls,messages and emails.

And much more....


 This programme is open

for all ages and personal life connotations.

Schools and Media interests are mutually great.

Email me,call or text .

on skype Pitt ID is pitt.elk

Meetings in person can be arranged, if required.

Donate above!

Pitt Elk

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